2018 Noumena Thanksgiving Program


2018 Noumena Thanksgiving Program

Through Noumena Education Initiative’s Boston Thanksgiving Program’s high-standard courses, students receive the greatest impact in the shortest amount of time through our original study method and thorough management.


  • Time: November 17 – 25, 2018 (Total 9 days)

  • Place: US Boston CIC (Cambridge Innovation Center)


Noumena’s partner company Cogita provides a safe and smart study environment by hosting Noumena in the Cambridge Innovation Center, where students can experience professional life working in a modern office environment. Students unaccompanied by a staff member cannot go outside of the building or onto other floors that are not being used for classrooms. Students can enter the building before class starts after checking in with the security team together with a staff member and their ID card, driver’s license, passport, etc.


  • Instructors and Method of Instruction:

Our best teachers, including our director Mr. Anthony (UPenn), Ms. Janae (UPenn), Ms. Kristine (BU, BA/MA), and Mrs. Marina (Harvard), among others, provide guidance for the students.

Using our original Noumena Method, our teachers explain why each answer choice, one by one, is right or wrong. Unlike other programs, we never simply say, “This choice is awkward.”


  • Topics:

- SAT I Evidence-based Reading and Writing

- SAT I Math

- SAT I Essay

*The daily schedule is subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances.


Students can participate in a college tour one day during the program. Throughout the duration of the program, a one-day college tour will be provided in accordance with students’ departure and arrival times.


Students who attend Noumena’s Thanksgiving Program see their achievement improve while being motivated through a high standard of education and friendly competition with their peers.