2019 Noumena Thanksgiving Program

2019 Noumena Thanksgiving Program

Noumena Education Initiative’s Boston Thanksgiving Program’s provides students with the greatest impact in the shortest amount of time. Past attendees have all seen dramatic improvement over the short duration of the program, with average jumps in the SAT I Evidence-Based Reading and Writing of over 100 points and an average 8-point improvement in each section of the Reading and English portions of the ACT.

Provided by Noumena's partner company Cogita, Cambridge Innovation Center is both a hub for diverse companies ranging from startups to tech giants such as Facebook and Google and the home base for Noumena's Thanksgiving Program. Here, students can expect a professional office environment and the best facilities for class instruction.


  • Dates: November 23 – December 1, 2019 

  • Place: Cambridge Innovation Center, Cambridge MA

  • Subjects: SAT I Evidence-Based Reading and Writing, SAT I Essay, ACT Reading and English

  • Additional 1:1 lessons available in AP and IB course material


In addition to instruction, students also have the opportunity to participate in a college tour during the program. In accordance with students’ departure and arrival times, a one-day college tour of nearby universities (including Harvard and MIT) will be provided if students are interested.

Students who attend Noumena’s Thanksgiving Program will see themselves make great strides in their test performance, motivated through a high standard of education and friendly competition with their peers.


Thanksgiving Program Teachers

HALEY ELLIOTT | B.A. in Psychology at Harvard University

Having completed a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology on the Cognitive Neuroscience and Evolutionary Psychology track at Harvard University, Haley is particularly interested in the intersection between traditional psychology and other life sciences including biology, chemistry, and neuroscience. Published in both Clinical Psychological Science and Psychological Medicine and with hands-on experience in the lab, Haley has a strong command of analytical, quantitative, research, written, and critical thinking skills. During her time at Harvard, Haley spent her time outside of classes managing a large nonprofit organization in Cambridge and mentoring students in the greater Boston area and at Harvard. Prior to graduation, she also studied abroad in Jordan (U.S. Department of State) and Italy (Harvard University) and volunteered in Nicaragua, Panama, and Japan.

As a National AP Scholar, Haley has taken AP United States Government and Politics, AP World History, AP United States History, AP Human Geography, AP Comparative Government and Politics, AP English Language and Composition, AP English Literature and Composition, AP Calculus AB, AP Statistics, AP Biology, and AP Environmental Science. Haley received 5s on all of her AP exams.

She is confident she can empower students to reach their highest potential in the following subjects: SAT I RW, SAT I Essay, ACT Reading and English, College Applications, The Concord Review, AP Language, AP Literature, AP World History, AP US History, AP Calculus AB, and the IB Extended Essay.

KRISTINE PURDY |  B.A. & M.A. in Linguistics at Boston University

Graduating Magna Cum Laude from Boston University with both a Bachelor and Master of Arts in Linguistics in just four years, Kristine has explored all aspects of language, including phonetics and phonology, syntax, acquisition, and formal logic theory. This exploration included study of multiple languages other than English, and Kristine is proficient in both Korean and Mandarin. During her time at BU, Kristine completed exchange programs at prestigious universities such as Fudan University and Yonsei University. Prior to graduating, she spent her time working for nonprofit organizations, managing teams of volunteers, and teaching underprivileged students.

Upon joining Noumena, Kristine received extensive training in the Noumena Method and first principles logic. This training instilled not only full comprehension of the material needed to foster student growth, but also an appreciation of Western philosophy and its role in formal logic. She has applied this training to countless hours spent in the classroom, where she has dedicated herself to raising student scores in the SAT I Reading and Writing and the SAT I Essay.

In her time in the classroom, Kristine has helped multiple students halve the number of questions missed in just a week or less, and assisted students with improving their SAT I Essay scores by at least five points over the course of six days of instruction. Outside of SAT I, Kristine has helped students maximize their potential in a variety of areas: one of her students has been published in The Concord Review, others have gained acceptance to their top choice colleges, and still others have seen their GPAs improve up to two full letter grades under her careful instruction and guidance.

As an IB Diploma recipient, Kristine completed IB English HL, IB History HL, IB Math HL, IB Spanish SL, IB Physics SL, and IB Economics SL, as well as wrote her Extended Essay (in Spanish) on the mutual intelligibility of Spanish and Catalan. She is also no stranger to AP exams, having taken AP Language, AP Literature, AP World History, and AP Calculus BC. Kristine received 4s and 5s in all AP exams, as well as receiving 5s and 6s in her IB courses.

Kristine is confident she can create high achievers in the following subjects: SAT I RW, SAT I Essay, ACT Reading and Writing, College Applications, the Concord Review, TOEFL, AP World History, AP Literature, AP Language, IB English HL, IB History HL, IB Spanish SL, and the Extended Essay.


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