2019 Noumena Winter Session

Noumena Winter Session:

Crucial Prep for Sophomores and Juniors

This winter, while current seniors will be anxiously waiting for their early decision and early action college results, their younger classmates should be seeking a productive way to spend their weeks off. For students hoping to succeed in next year's early SAT dates, dedicated time and energy on preparing for the exam is undoubtedly the most productive use of their time.
At Noumena Education Initiative, standardized testing-based courses are all founded in First Principles Thinking, or the logical framework that underpins all academic knowledge. Simply put, Noumena students learn how to think better, more logically, and more consistently through the implementation of the Noumena Method.
For current juniors, this type of education is especially critical--juniors need to focus on securing their SAT I or ACT scores this year, in order to reserve their summer for college applications, summer activities, and even a bit of fun. Without a secure score in junior year, students cannot begin to know what level of university they can apply to and must spend their summer continuing to prepare for the exam. Ultimately, this delays their college applications and busies their summer with studying time that could have been avoided.
Through an intensive four-week program, current sophomores and juniors can solidify and build upon their current SAT or ACT knowledge, and save themselves both time and money in the long run.
Dates: December 16th to January 11th (students may attend all or part of the program)
Location: Noumena Educative Initiative, 682 Yeoksam-dong, 3rd Floor

Contact Information:
Email: pr@noumena.co.kr
Kakao ID: noumena
Phone: 010-4077-0165