2019 Noumena Info Session in Japan

 2019 Noumena Info Session in Japan

2019 Noumena Info Session in Japan


A Noumena Education Initiative Info Session in Japan -  The Ongoing Lawsuit Against Harvard

As many parents of college-bound students are aware, Harvard College continues to be caught up in a lawsuit centered around the elite university's admissions process. The plaintiff, a student organization comprised of both Asian-American and international Asian students filed a lawsuit on the basis of what it perceives to be a decades long pattern of discrimination against Asian students in the admissions process. In an ever increasingly competitive college admissions environment, this lawsuit has left many parents, particularly Asian parents, worried about what the outcome of the trial will entail for their students.

However, this lawsuit has uncovered about a wealth of knowledge about the actual elite college admissions process. Documents outlining how Harvard evaluates its applicants and what the college tells its alumni interviewers to look for in a hopeful student, documents that were meant to remain classified during the trial, have been released online. In an effort to even more thoroughly understand the college admissions process, Noumena Education Initiative has combed through these documents extensively.

We would like to invite you to our upcoming info session in Tokyo during which we will go over what these documents have revealed about the state of discrimination in college admissions, the elite admissions process, and what this information means for future applicants. Over the course of the info session, parents and any students who wish to join will have the opportunity to learn just what Harvard--and therefore any other top university--is looking for through the lens of the ongoing Harvard lawsuit.

Beyond discussing what colleges seek in potential students, we will also explain how Noumena can help students achieve admission into their dream school through our specialized programming, as well as the Noumena Method and what makes Noumena so different from other private institutes. The info sessions will be held on May 13th and 14th from 11am to 1pm in Room 501 of At Business Center in Shinjuku.

Please review the attached materials regarding our programs, discounts, and information regarding the info session.

Thank you, and we hope to see you there!

Noumena Education Initiative